Trip to Forest Falls California | Hiking Camping

July 30th 2013

Arrived to forest falls campground! Off of highway 38 in California we finally arrived at forest falls California.


Forest Falls Beautiful Country Side View


Setting up our 6 person tent (only 2 of us :0)


Bottom of the Mountain “Stream View”

Photos from “Big Falls Trail” (no waterfalls, see next post)

The Big Falls trail does feature some waterfalls during spring season, right after the major snow season ends. Everything is fresh and green and simply beautiful. It took us 6 hours to reach the top; because of bears and mountain lions, by the time we reached the top it was time to head back down. At the top of the mountain it is okay to camp as other hikers do so as well, however rest assure there is wild life out there and I would recommend carrying a firearm!


Trail beginning of Big Falls Trail


Shot of Bear Country


Big Falls Trail 30 Minutes in!


Sign of Brown Bears Looking for Food. About 1 hour in


Shot from a point about 2 1/2 hours up the Trail!

Vivian Creek Trail! “Waterfalls”

This trail is known specifically for its huge waterfalls. It is an 8.9 mile hike and is recommended to camp at specific locations along the way. The first mile is SUPER ROUGH, the very first mile was even tough for me as it is an almost straight vertical climb. Unfortunately we had to turn back as the rock slides were really scaring my friend. We did however make it to the first waterfall along the trail and had a tough time snapping photos just because of the tough vertical hillside. We will be going back and I’m going to do the hike by myself to get some photos.


Where the famous 8.9 mile Vivian Creek Trail Begins



Picture of Blue Bird from Our Camp Site

rroyal-pine-forest-falls-california blue-bird-in-nature DSCN0314 heading-up-vivian-creek-trail water-fall-100-foot DSCN0333 DSCN0338 DSCN0341 DSCN0351 DSCN0359 DSCN0363 DSCN0364 DSCN0367 DSCN0370 DSCN0371 DSCN0372 DSCN0375 DSCN0378 DSCN0379 DSCN0387 DSCN0395 DSCN0398 DSCN0401 DSCN0411 DSCN0415


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